3 Tips for Trainees to Know Before Getting a Heavy Rigid Licence

26 May 2020
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A heavy rigid (HR) licence enables a person to drive a truck or bus with three or more axles. Also, the licence certifies a driver to drive a vehicle that is more than 8 tonnes in gross vehicle weight rating (GVM). Training to acquire such a licence is key for people who intend to pursue a career in logistics, trucking, mining, or even construction. In a nutshell, a heavy rigid driving license can open the doos for you in various industries since it shows that you are a competent driver in that class of vehicles. Read More 

Basic Safety Tips for Operating a Forklift

23 October 2018
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Forklifts have a wide range of uses from the mechanical world, to mining, to construction, to road works and even to warehousing. Learning how to operate a forklift will give you a long and stable career. There are many trade schools that give training on how to run a forklift. It is important to understand that being a great operator goes beyond merely learning how to deal with the mechanical parts—you must also learn all the safety rules. Read More 

How to Increase Your Job Prospects Through Employment Agencies

20 November 2017
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Job seekers need to take various steps to improve their chances of getting jobs through employment agencies. Below are some helpful measures that can increase your chances of getting hired after enrolling with an employment agency. Respond promptly Potential employers often contact several recruitment agencies when they need employees. The employment agencies will then contact the individuals in their database who possess the required skills. It is essential for you to monitor your communication channels, such as your email, frequently so that you can respond as soon as the employment agency contacts you. Read More 

Tips and Tricks to Get Your Big Rig Unstuck

24 February 2017
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No matter how good a truck driver you are, you will probably get stuck at some point in your career. This usually occurs when driving on very soft sand, mud or snow. So, what do you do if your big rig gets stuck? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get moving again. Rock it! An effective method of getting your rig unstuck is to try to set up a gentle rocking movement by simultaneously engaging the clutch and feathering the fuel at the same time. Read More 

Truck Licence Training: Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Footwear During the Practical Test

18 October 2016
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People who would like to be licensed to drive commercial trucks have to undergo a practical test to determine whether they have mastered the necessary skills that are crucial to truck driving. This article discusses why you should wear work boots during truck driver training and as you go for the driving test towards the end of your training. Protection of Your Back Comfortable work boots provide adequate support for the balls of your feet. Read More