Pre-Drive Assessment Areas in an HR Driving Course

18 June 2021
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Upgrading your current license to an HR license holder is probably the best thing you can do for your career. Currently, companies in the logistics industry are looking for competent drivers to replace the aging workforce. Before you get an HR driving license, you must pass a driving course assessment. The course is designed to make you comfortable driving heavy vehicles if previously accustomed to medium rigid trucks. However, you must first take part in a pre-drive assessment before a supervisor allows you to operate a heavy rigid truck. This article highlights critical pre-drive assessment areas.

1. Movement

A heavy rigid truck is precisely what the name suggests, bulky. It means that there is no room for drivers who cannot operate an HR vehicle smoothly. Therefore, the first thing that a pre-drive assessment looks at from trainees is smooth movement. During the 20-minute examination, an instructor will examine whether you can maintain smooth movement when driving forwards or reversing. Therefore, you should avoid any sudden stops, particularly as you approach stop signs. You must maintain similar smooth movement as you reverse, which is why you need to use all mirrors. Using a truck's mirrors breeds confidence, ensuring a smooth drive while reversing.

2. Alertness

Driving a heavy rigid vehicle on a busy highway or in a central business district requires a high level of attention. You are required to know what is happening around you and the truck at all times. Staying alert allows you to act quickly and accordingly in case of emergencies. Therefore, an instructor uses a pre-drive assessment to gauge your level of alertness while on the road. For instance, if you want to change lanes, you must know when to do so, considering that other motorists use the same lane. If you are not alert, you will likely bump onto a vehicle on your left or right. Maintaining a high level of alertness increases your chances of passing the HR driving test.

3. Mirrors

Side mirrors and the rearview mirror are your best ally during an HR pre-drive assessment. Nonetheless, you will find some people using their necks to watch for vehicles or obstacles. While you can get away with this practice during short drives, you risk straining your neck on long drives. It is why driving instructors insist that using mirrors should come as second nature for HR truck drivers. Other than helping you avoid serious accidents, using mirrors saves you the agony of strained neck muscles. Therefore, you must use truck mirrors accordingly to enhance your chances of passing an HR pre-drive test.

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