3 Tips for Trainees to Know Before Getting a Heavy Rigid Licence

26 May 2020
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A heavy rigid (HR) licence enables a person to drive a truck or bus with three or more axles. Also, the licence certifies a driver to drive a vehicle that is more than 8 tonnes in gross vehicle weight rating (GVM). Training to acquire such a licence is key for people who intend to pursue a career in logistics, trucking, mining, or even construction. In a nutshell, a heavy rigid driving license can open the doos for you in various industries since it shows that you are a competent driver in that class of vehicles. This article examines some tips for beginners to know about heavy rigid licence training.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a heavy rigid licence in Australia, you must hold a C-class or car driving license for a minimum period of 24 months. Furthermore, an individual must have held a lower version of the HR licence, which is the light rigid or medium rigid licences, for a minimum period of one year continuously. Besides, you must have a declaration that shows you are medically fit to drive in the form of a medical certificate.


Your preferred driving school should offer various training pathways to make it flexible for different trainees. For example, classes should be spread throughout the day to suit the schedules of different trainees. If you want to finish your HR licence training early, you can choose a condensed course that integrates practical and theoretical lessons within a short timeframe. The duration might vary from one state to another. For those who are busy during weekdays, weekend classes may come in handy. If you are already an experienced driver, you can opt for a 1-day course. In this type of training, a course runs for an entire day, which includes testing by a competent agency before you can receive a licence. Note that a 1-day training is designed for vehicles with a synchromesh gearbox.

Consider Assessment Lesson

An assessment lesson is the first class that a trainee can opt for to help a trainer determine the former's level of competence in as far as driving is concerned. The test assesses the theoretical and practical aspects of training before assisting a trainer in determining if you can proceed for full training. An assessment lesson can reduce inconveniences associated with the cancellation of a course. If you are determined to be competent enough, you can pay all the charges and proceed with your training on your way to acquiring the HR licence.

To get started, reach out to an HR driving course.