Truck Licence Training: Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Footwear During the Practical Test

18 October 2016
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People who would like to be licensed to drive commercial trucks have to undergo a practical test to determine whether they have mastered the necessary skills that are crucial to truck driving. This article discusses why you should wear work boots during truck driver training and as you go for the driving test towards the end of your training.

Protection of Your Back

Comfortable work boots provide adequate support for the balls of your feet. Such support is important because it can save your back from being strained as you get into and out of the truck during the driving test. For instance, your instructor may ask you to remove a package from the back of the truck when you make a stop during the driving test. The work boots will enable your feet to be firmly planted on the ground so that your back is able to take the weight of the package without exposing you to any risk of injury.

Improved Control

Proper footwear, such as work boots, will help you to remain in full control as you drive. For instance, the work boots will be unlikely to be caught under the brake pedal in the same way as some other forms of footwear, such as flip-flops, would be caught when your foot is resting near the pedal. In this way, the work boots can prevent a mishap from happening as you are using your feet to execute different tasks on the pedals.

Habit Formation

Truck driver training usually helps you to form the right habits that will be helpful to you in your career as a truck driver. The type of footwear that you use during your training sessions and during the driving test is likely to be the same type of footwear that you will use once you start driving professionally. It is therefore advisable for you to wear work boots during your driving training and during the driving test so that you set the foundation for using proper footwear later when you receive your truck driver's licence. That habit will save you from several challenges, such as the discomfort that may develop in your feet and legs when you drive for several hours each day while wearing the wrong type of footwear.

Talk to experienced truck drivers or driving instructors so that you are guided on which work boots are suitable for truck drivers. Use those boots during your training and during the driving test so that you can enjoy the benefits discussed above.