How to Increase Your Job Prospects Through Employment Agencies

20 November 2017
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Job seekers need to take various steps to improve their chances of getting jobs through employment agencies. Below are some helpful measures that can increase your chances of getting hired after enrolling with an employment agency.

Respond promptly

Potential employers often contact several recruitment agencies when they need employees. The employment agencies will then contact the individuals in their database who possess the required skills. It is essential for you to monitor your communication channels, such as your email, frequently so that you can respond as soon as the employment agency contacts you. Any delay in responding may compel the agency to give that chance to another person.

Select roles you qualify for

The rate at which people are changing careers is increasing rapidly. However, employment agencies may hesitate to contact you for an available job opening if your preferred jobs are not in line with your employment history and qualifications. It may, therefore, take longer for you to get a job unless you select roles that are in line with your training.

Optimise your CV

Many employment agencies now use the internet to enroll applicants. This means that candidates have to understand the different keywords that are connected to various roles or jobs. You can increase your chances of being hired by writing a curriculum vitae (CV) that has those target keywords. In this way, your documents will be found when the database is being searched for potential candidates when there is an opening. For example, forklift operators can use keywords such as heavy vehicle licence when drafting their CVs so that their names appear on the search results for the keywords related to operating forklifts.

Have Realistic Salary Expectations

Employment agencies may also be reluctant to contact an applicant for a job opening if that applicant stipulated a salary expectation that is higher than the industry average for that role. The agency may fear that the employer will be inclined to select a candidate that has been forwarded by another agency because they asked for a lower salary. It is therefore helpful for you to research the salary range for the roles that you desire. You can even talk to the recruitment firm since they have experience in placing individuals in different fields and companies. This input will help you to determine what a fair salary may be for your services so that the agency finds it easy to recommend you for a job.